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Exploring Phoenix’s Speakeasies: A Throwback to the Prohibition Era

Phoenix, a city known for its sun-drenched days and vibrant nightlife, holds a secret after the sun sets. Hidden away from the bustling city streets lie Phoenix's speakeasies, mysterious and elusive, offering a throwback to the clandestine days of the Prohibition era. These hidden bars, with their unmarked entrances and passwords for entry, invite patrons to step into a world of vintage charm and timeless cocktails. This article takes you on a journey through the hidden alleys and backdoors of Phoenix to uncover some of the city's most captivating speakeasies, where the spirit of the 1920s lives on.

The Mystery of Melinda's Alley

Nestled discreetly in an unassuming alleyway in downtown Phoenix, Melinda's Alley emerges as a beacon for those in the know. With no sign to mark its presence, only those with the password or an adventurous spirit find their way into this intimate space. Inside, the dimly lit ambiance, plush velvet seating, and classic jazz tunes transport you back in time. The cocktail menu, inspired by the Prohibition era, features expertly crafted drinks that pay homage to the classics while adding a modern twist.

The Ostrich: Plunging into History

Located beneath the historic streets of Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix, The Ostrich invites guests to plunge into the depths of history. Once a storage area during the Prohibition era, The Ostrich now serves as a testament to the city's intriguing past. The bar's decor, with its dark wood, leather booths, and vintage memorabilia, sets the stage for an evening of secrecy and storytelling. The bartenders, known as "libationists," conjure up concoctions that are as much a work of art as they are a beverage, ensuring each visit is memorable.

Cobra Arcade Bar: A Modern Twist on the Speakeasy

While not a speakeasy in the traditional sense, Cobra Arcade Bar offers a contemporary take on the concept, blending the allure of secret bars with the nostalgia of vintage arcade games. Hidden behind a nondescript door, visitors are greeted by a world of neon lights, classic video games, and an impressive selection of craft cocktails. The lively atmosphere and unique setting make Cobra Arcade Bar a must-visit for those looking to experience Phoenix's modern speakeasy scene.

Valley Bar: Hidden in Plain Sight

Tucked away in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Valley Bar's entrance is as inconspicuous as they come, marked only by a small sign indicating its location below ground. Descend the stairs, and you're welcomed into a cozy, eclectic space filled with local art, a diverse crowd, and a sense of shared secrecy. The bar features a rotating menu of creative cocktails, live music, and events that celebrate the best of Phoenix's cultural scene, all while maintaining the mystique of a speakeasy.

Rough Rider: Delving into History with Every Sip

Rough Rider, inspired by the adventurous spirit of Theodore Roosevelt, is a gem hidden in the heart of downtown Phoenix. This speakeasy, secreted away from the casual passerby, offers patrons an immersive experience into an era of exploration. The cocktail menu, influenced by historical events and crafted with modern sophistication, ensures Rough Rider is not just a bar, but a journey through time.

Honor Amongst Thieves: Elegance Shrouded in Mystery

Above the bustling streets of Phoenix and hidden behind an inconspicuous entrance, Honor Amongst Thieves offers an intimate setting for those in pursuit of refined cocktails and a plush atmosphere. Specializing in craft cocktails, this speakeasy presents a luxurious escape with its dark, wood-paneled interiors and leather-bound charm, making it a sanctuary for those seeking solace in the elegance of a bygone era.

Rick’s Café: A Cinematic Escape into the 1940s

Rick’s Café, borrowing its name and spirit from the classic film "Casablanca," offers guests a nostalgic retreat into the romance and intrigue of the 1940s. Entering Rick's requires a whisper of the iconic line, “Play it again, Sam,” transporting patrons into a world where classic cocktails, timeless music, and the allure of the silver screen reign supreme. Rick’s Café stands as a testament to the enduring charm of cinematic history, blended seamlessly with the art of mixology.

The Owl’s Nest: A Covert Haven for the Night

Tucked away behind the facade of a quaint bookshop, The Owl’s Nest offers an intimate speakeasy experience steeped in the mystery of the Prohibition era. This hidden bar, with its dim lighting and vintage decor, serves as a haven for those looking to retreat into the night with a cocktail in hand. The Owl’s Nest is celebrated for its quiet ambiance, making it an ideal spot for whispered conversations and moments of introspection away from the bustling city life.


Phoenix's speakeasies offer a unique blend of history, mystery, and mixology, providing an escape from the ordinary and a nod to the city's colorful past. Whether you're a history buff, a cocktail enthusiast, or simply in search of a night out with a difference, these hidden bars promise an experience filled with intrigue and delight. As you explore the hidden corners and secret doors of Phoenix, remember that the journey is just as important as the destination, and the stories you'll uncover are the true treasures of the city's speakeasy scene.

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