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Top 10 Family-Friendly Activities in Arizona

Arizona is a treasure trove of family-friendly adventures, offering a mix of natural beauty, wildlife exploration, and educational experiences. From the iconic Grand Canyon to interactive museums, there's something to spark the curiosity and joy of every family member. Explore the top family activities in Arizona.

Grand Canyon National Park:

Venture into this natural wonder for breathtaking views and educational ranger programs. Families can enjoy walks along the South Rim or embark on guided hikes into the canyon, complete with geology and wildlife lessons.

Phoenix Zoo:

More than just animal sightings, the Phoenix Zoo offers interactive experiences like the Giraffe Encounter and Monkey Village. It's a place where children learn about conservation and the animal kingdom through hands-on activities and educational camps.

Children’s Museum of Phoenix:

This museum transforms learning into an adventure with its Noodle Forest, Building Big areas, and an Art Studio. It's specially designed to stimulate children's creativity and cognitive skills through interactive play.

Arizona Science Center:

Here, science comes alive with hands-on exhibits in physics and biology, live science demonstrations, and cosmic shows at the Dorrance Planetarium. The center is a haven for young minds fascinated by the workings of the universe.

Sedona’s Red Rock State Park:

Not just for hiking, the park offers guided nature walks, bird watching tours, and interactive exhibits at its visitor center. It's a place where families can immerse themselves in the natural beauty and learn about the unique geology and wildlife of Sedona.

Tucson’s Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum:

This living museum combines a zoo, botanical garden, and art gallery, offering insights into the desert ecosystem. Families can observe animals in naturalistic habitats and learn about desert flora and fauna.

Slide Rock State Park:

Famous for its natural water slide, the park is also ideal for picnicking, swimming, and exploring its historic apple orchard. It's a refreshing retreat for families during Arizona's hot summers.

Bearizona Wildlife Park:

Drive through to observe North American wildlife, including bears and wolves, in a natural setting. The park also features a walk-through area with smaller animals and an engaging birds of prey show.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park:

This Scottsdale park delights kids with miniature train rides, a historic carousel, and interactive model train displays. It's a fun and educational experience for young train enthusiasts.

Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff:

Renowned for discovering Pluto, the observatory offers solar viewing, evening star gazing, and historic telescope tours. It's an educational and awe-inspiring visit for families interested in astronomy.


Arizona's plethora of family-friendly activities ensures that every family visit is filled with excitement, learning, and unforgettable memories. From the great outdoors to the depths of space, Arizona offers a world of adventure for families to explore.

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